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splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

All sizes of the Splitz-Alls

The SMALL size (Blue). Is for, I would say, approx up to 16″ in diameter logs, for Children or the Elderly to use. There is just not enough weight in the drive hammer for larger logs to split effectively. However, they will still split them, it will just take more of your own strength.

The MEDIUM size (Yellow). Approx 8-24 in diameter logs and If you are going to only purchase one size for both a male and a female to use, then this is the size to get. It will be light for the male, and will require a few more hits than the large, But the female will still be able to handle it and split wood at her own pace.

The LARGE size (Orange). Approx 8-30 in diameter logs This size I would say is the average size for the average male. Just enough weight to be effective, but not too much weight to tire one out too quickly.

The X-TREME size (Red). If you are ambitious, this is the size for you. This should handle any size log, given you are strategic when determining where to split each cut. Ultimately this size is for use on Tough logs to get through quickly. However, it can be used to split most any wood, any size, for a shorter duration, as the weight of this tool is Heavy and it uses more energy just to lift the Hammer, so with prolonged uses one can get tired quickly However, it makes a great gym experience….5 reps of 20, you can do it. lol

Video going VIRAL can have its drawbacks

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This month has been quite exciting with the video of the Splitz-All wood splitter being viewed on Tractorweb.tv  over 15 million times.

We first became aware that tractorweb.tv had taken one of our older videos and shared it as their own on Facebook at the end of January.  This had both benefits and drawbacks to it.

Funny enough this video is of an older model Splitz-all wood splitter and first videos showing the benefits of using the Splitz-all wood splitter to split fire wood.  I was just learning to video edit at the time, so the video is one of worst videos we have on our YouTube channel.  This goes to show, you don’t have to be perfect and totally professional to get started…just get started and then adjust and get better along the way.

Here are the drawbacks

Drawback:  Since the video was not connected to us nor was there any information to lead people back to us.  I opened all notifications to tractorweb.tv’s post and started, what I call, “babysitting comments”.  So that if there was anyone interested in knowing where to get the Splitz-all, I was sure to let them know. There for a while “babysitting” became a full time job, continually checking Facebook. I think for the first time in the history of me being on Facebook, did my husband approve and was glad I was on it. LOL.

Luckily there are more benefits.

BenefitTractorweb.tv has the right size and interested community, so when the video was shared, it peaked interest.

Benefit:  Our friend shared the video with us when it was at 5.2 million views.  We have continued to watch, with excitement, as the views increased every day.  For about a little over a week, the video was getting approximately 1 million views a day. (On one of our other videos it’s been 1 year and we are almost to 1 million) so 1 million views a DAY, this is something we had not experienced yet, so it was quite exciting.

Benefit:  I joke with Nathaniel (the guy in the Video) that he is now anonymously famous.  Nobody knows who he is, just 15 million people have seen him.  The video is getting back to our local community and the comments we are getting are entertaining. “oh ya, my nephew showed me your video the other day, told me I should buy one.  I informed him I knew you and that the Splitz all was built here” response…”no way, really?”

Benefit:  We have been able to manage the hiccups that have come since the video went VIRAL, so far.  We LOVE the free publicity, (that’s not totally free) I get to put some time in on getting people pointed in the right direction.  We greatly appreciate the increased interest and sales, Thank you.

Some comments shared

It has been quite entertaining reading all the comments.  Some nice, some not so nice, some funny, and some just plain mean.  But to each their own opinion.  Here are a few of the nice ones

Rufus James Beebe A slide hammer is a great way for anyone with bad shoulder joints to split wood. I used mauls, axes and wedges for decades. Can’t swing axe anymore w/out extreme pain.

Scotty Temple I Most definitely could split faster with an axe. But for someone with a bad back this would be a life saver. Definitely a cool tool

Jesse Stevens Looks time efficient

Robin Changuion – the axe is dead.

Shaun Conklin Ryan Pitt. This is perfect for u for days your splitter won’t start on cold days. Plus u will stay warm running it


Fun Fact about the video:

I recorded Nathaniel showing how to use the Splitz-all and telling about the benefits to using it, but then when I went to create the video, the audio was so bad because of the wind that I couldn’t hear what he was saying clearly.  I couldn’t tie Nathaniel down long enough to create a voice over, so I (female) did the voice over.  Oh the comments we are getting… “that tool makes him sound like a girl“.  “he sure does have a girly voice” “I hope I don’t go feminine by using this tool“, I’m still laughing.

LUCKILY, we got to him before it was too late

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We had quite the scare on this day.


This dog nearly hung himself. Luckily we were there to save him.

Have you ever payed out the expense for a kennel, or even a fenced yard,  or dog tie out.  Just to have your dog still escapes or break the cable and puts themselves in harm’s way, either choking or getting run over in the street.

My sister-in-law came to visit with her dogs. One of those dogs climbs fences, and breaks cables, so she put the dog on a short double length string inside the kennel.  We hoped it would hold him for the day while she was out. Well, one of the strings broke


After nearly hanging himself trying to escape from the kennel we hooked him up on the Pristine pet anchor with a Tangle Free swivel feature, and he was safe and secured the rest of his visit.

but the other did not giving the string double length. Just enough to allow the dog to climb the fence…..but held tight after the length ran out, choking the dog.

How we saved him.

LUCKILY, we got to him before it was too late. After lifting the dog in the air to release the tension I soon realized the string was so tight around his neck he still could not breath. After enrolling Jade to help me by holding the dog.  I ran to the house for scissors. Upon returning he was struggling for air. The string was so tight I found it difficult getting the scissors under the string to cut it. He wiggled around trying to get air, which made it even more difficult to cut the string.  Finally the string was cut and the dog gasped for air.

For anyone wondering….I did not stop to take a picture before saving him. We made sure he was safe then re posed for the picture.  I wanted to share this for a couple of reasons

  • 1: Saftey, be aware of potential danger for your pet and
  • 2: If a fence will not keep your dog in and you must use a dog tie out, may I propose an alternative to what is currently in the market today. The Pristine Pet anchor, with a chain, it’s easy to drive in and out of the ground and swivels to prevent choking. This little guy is much safer now.  Thank goodness.

Traditional splitting methods vs Splitz-All

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Splitz-All vs Mechanical or gas powered log splitter.

The Splitz-All is for the person who doesn’t want to fork out the $1500 to $5000 to purchase a gas powered log splitter. It is to help reduce the amount of bending and lifting a person would normally do with other methods.  With the gas powered or mechanical log splitter you are required to lift the full weight of the log up to the log splitter, then bend and lift the now 2 pieces back up to split again.  Then repeat to get the log size you want.  That’s a lot of back strain.  Not to mention the dangers of loosing fingers.

With mechanical anything there requires a cost of fuel or electricity, and not to mention mechanical maintenance.  What happens when you run out of fuel, or if it’s electric and, the power goes off, then the log splitter is of no use and can not split when you need wood cut for your fireplace.

The Splitz-All is for the man who still likes a little bit of a workout while splitting wood,  the woman who feels empowered to split her own wood and doesn’t have to wait for her husband to come home, or the single woman can now have a fireplace because it’s easy to split wood.  The Splitz-All it also empowers the children, as well. What Dad could only split before, now the 6-7 year old can split.

Splitz-All vs Traditional Manuel wood chopping methods.

What about the dangers of the traditional ways of splitting wood. If you miss, the ax or maul head can cause damage to your leg.  How about straining your back? With traditional splitting you are continually twisting, bending over and tweaking your back.  When the ax head gets stuck in the log,  you have to lift the full weight of the log up and over your head to get the momentum to slam it down to split it.  If it doesn’t split the first time, then repeat until the log is split.

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

Danger of traditional wood splitting. The ax head came off. Good thing it wasn’t in mid swing.

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

Having fun at a community splitting party

What about having people around, while you split wood.  Not a good Idea. There is danger within,(what someone else called), the blood zone. The full area of which the operator is swinging the ax. There are wood chips that fly into the air, there has been metal chips break off of the wedge that have flown and embedded into one individuals leg, causing massive bleeding and eventually death.

Then there is the loose ax or maul head coming off the handle, that’s happened a few times in my experience.  Once it comes off, it’s really difficult to get it placed back on, without the danger of coming off again. I’ve heard of stories of the head coming off and slamming into the windshield of the car…lets hope that’s all the damage it does and that the ax head doesn’t hit and hurt loved ones.

The list goes on of wood cutting accidents.

  • Loss of teeth,
  • flesh wounds,
  • loss of fingers and toes,
  • damaged shoulders from swinging,
  • damaged backs,
  • wounded pride,
  • trips to the hospital.
  • I’m sure you could come up with some of you own.

What is the safety of your loved ones worth to you?

Why is the Splitz-All priced where it is?

With traditional wood cutting, you have many tools to purchase separately to complete the job. An ax, sledge hammer, a few wedges, and maul. If at any time you over reach and hit the handle on the log instead of the wedge then the handle shatters and you can’t complete the wood splitting job until you go purchase another ax or maul or whatever got damaged.

So with that said I think, you get the picture on why the Splitz-All is beneficial in many ways.

First of all, It’s an ALL-IN-ONE tool. You only need one tool to complete the job.

The price point at this stage is for low volumes. The price may vary and lower depending on order volumes. However, we have tested the tool and listened to people who have owned the cheap $40 -60 one handed slide hammer tools and said they were junk because the slide tube would break after a small amount of use, because of the low cost pipe.

Our tools have high quality, hard alloy thick steel pipe for the slide tube, which costs more than just a pipe and very strong steel for the wedge which is 1-1/2 thick material used by our local “Crushing” company to crush rocks in the Crushers they build.  We feel we have a quality product.


Easy more effective way to split wood

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What is the Splitz-Assist?

How will the Splitz-Assist help you split wood safer and more effective.  Visit our Videos  page to watch how easy it is to use. Click on Splitz-All with the Splitz-Assist” video

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

Using the Splitz-Assist to bundle 3 or more small logs to hold each other up

The Splitz-assist is a combination of a chain, bungee, custom hook and handle.  The chain holds the log in place while the bungee expanse to allow for separation of the wood while splitting.  With the Splitz-Assist you can take small logs that easily fall over and bundle 3 or more.  This creates stability for each log to stay in an upright position while you split the wood.

So what are the benefits of the Splitz-Assist to split wood.

Once you put the Splitz-Assist on the log it holds all the split wood pieces together.  You don’t need to bend over again until the log is fully split.  This reduces the amount of bending and lifting.  You can split any size firewood clear down to kindling, without bending or touching the log.

A cleaner and smaller working area is created with little to nothing to stumble over.  Split firewood pieces won’t fall back and hit your legs while splitting the wood.  Then when the log is fully split, it is easy to pick up the full split log and carry it to the wood pile.  Then undo the hook, pull the chain off, and your logs are easily stacked, making it easy to stack wood.  Now isn’t that a more effective way to utilize your time and energy?

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

Splitting through knotty wood

What happens if you don’t have the Splitz-Assist

It is difficult to balance the tip of the Splitz-All on a possibly unstable log.   The log then tips over and one must bend over to  reset the log position.  Repetitive bending may cause pain and damage to your back, takes more time to reset, and uses more energy.

Pieces may fall over and hit your leg.  Fallen firewood pieces can become an obstacle for walking around the log.  If a firewood piece is too big, then you have to bend over, reposition the unstable piece of wood, (hope it doesn’t fall over) and then split the log again to the right size. When your done splitting you now have multiple pieces of firewood to bend and pick up,  strain your back and possibly scrap up your arms.



Portable Ground Anchor for Trucks

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What do you use for a winch anchor?


A friend got his truck stuck and asked us to come get him out.

The large and x-treme ALL-TIE anchor Sports Compact is your best choice for an anchor point for trucks. This winch anchor makes a great dead weight or substitute for a tree when needing a secure point to winch to, when you are stuck .  This is a quality tool for durability and made in the USA.

These truck anchors are surprisingly easy to use for the job they do!


Old School Rock Crawl, making their way through the course. All-Tie Anchor set up for a winch anchor point when needed.

The X-treme ALL-TIE anchor comes to the rescue because it is easily driven into the ground. Then it stays in place even after a mighty tugging. When you are free, the slide hammer feature makes it is easy to remove and you are on your way.

The All-Tie Anchor are easily stored under your truck seat, for handy use at any time. This is especially useful for four wheelers that find themselves in need of a winch anchor point to winch themselves out of sand or mud. The ALL-TIE anchors, unlike mud weights, dig into the soft ground or sand to provide you with a secure anchor to tie off to.

These durable ground anchors have many uses, such as:

  • winching trucks, cars, four-wheelers, etc. out of sand or mud
  • anchoring your houseboat to the bank in your favorite cove
  • anchoring your tent
  • dragging cut logs out of the woods
  • tethering animals or livestock
  • campers sometimes use these anchors to help suspend food up into the trees out of the reach of forest creatures and for anchoring their tents securely in place.

Old School Rock Crawl, making their way through the course. All-Tie Anchor set up for a winch anchor point when needed.

Dog Tie out

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Safely Tie out your dog.


Pristine animal or dog tie out with a Tangle Free swivel feature. Medium size for dogs and medium sized animals

Whether you are traveling or camping with your dog, nothing is as frustrating as providing a safe and reliable tie out or containment system. You want to be able to permit your animal to stretch his legs and be safe. But unfortunately your choices have always been limited. Kennels are too small and exercise pens are heavy and a nuisance to move from site to site. Typical dog stake barely screw into the ground and are often pulled out by an eager dog.

The ALL-TIE animal anchor is the best product on the market!

It is versatile, reliable, secure and was created with the pet as well as the pet owner in mind.

This Dog tie out is easy to use

The ALL-TIE animal anchor is a portable dog tether that is available in four sizes.  It can handle small to large animals.  Simply hammer the post into the ground.  Then attach a cable that is secured to your pet.  From your friendly pet Beagle to German Shepherd, this product enables owners to allow your pet movement while ensuring their safety and well-being.

The key to this rugged metal dog tether lies in its ability to use the hitch assembly as a hammer to drive the anchor’s spiked point into any terrain. Unlike the typical dog stakes used with tie-outs, the ALL-TIE Anchor Post pierces deep into the earth. This makes it virtually impossible for your pet to pull it out. When you are ready to go, simply reverse the action of the hitch assembly by pounding on the top look cap.  The ALL-TIE Anchor will then be wrenched from the earth.

Convenient to tie out anywhere you go

The All-Tie animal anchor is easy in and easy out.  Therefore convenient and easy to move anywhere. A unique feature of this animal tie out is the ability to wrap the dog cable repeatedly around the opposite loop of the ALL-TIE Anchor until you have adjusted the tie out length to your preference. You choose the radius size, dependent on outside obstacles your pet might get tangled in (trees. etc). The All-Tie Anchor also swivels freely ensuring your animal stays safe from the tie out cable getting wrapped up.  This helps prevent your pet from getting hurt. Unlike the tie outs that are secured to a solid  dog stake with no swivel.

The All-Tie animal anchor  is an amazing tie out for the pet lover. This dog tether can be used for all breeds of dogs as well as other animals requiring tie-outs (even your pet goat!).  If you are looking for a reliable, safe tether for your pet—try the ALL-TIE Anchor today. Let your pet enjoy the freedom of the outdoors while being safely secured to the ALL-TIE animal anchor.


All-Tie animal or dog tie out with a Tangle Free swivel feature. Small size for small dogs and animals

ALL-TIE Sports Anchor Point

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The ALL-TIE Anchor Post Sports Compact is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can buy

One of the best things about the ALL-TIE Anchor Post Sports Compact is its ease of use. It’s lightweight but tough American construction allows you to carry it around easily while still providing a solid base to anchor into a variety of different soils. Simply drive this anchor point into the ground and secure whatever you want to it!


A friend got his truck stuck and asked us to come get him out.

When you’re done, just hammer up driving the tip out of the ground. Then it’s ready to put back into your boat or truck to be used again the next time you need it. It really is that easy. From stretching a banner to pulling your four-wheeler out of the mud, this quality slide hammer anchor has literally hundreds of uses. The only limit is your imagination and how you choose to use the ALL-TIE.


Small All-Tie Anchor sports compact for an easy winch anchor point for when you get your vehicle stuck in the mud or just to land anchor your boat.

The ALL-TIE Anchor Post Sports Compact is available in four different sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and X-Treme). The best size for you will depend on what you want to use it for. Feel free to call us at 435-414-0245 to help you find the right model for you. Whatever you choose to use it for, there is an ALL-TIE Anchor Post Sports Compact to suit your needs.


There are a variety of uses: See Ideas for use

  • anchor your boat
  • hang a tarp for a tent
  • get your truck or four-wheeler out of the mud.  Just drive the ALL-TIE Anchor Post Sports Compact into the ground, anchor to it, and you can pull yourself out!

When setting the anchor point in sand make sure to dig down past the soft soil, to drive the All-Tie Anchor sports compact into the more solid surface.

Land Anchor your Boat

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How do you beach your boat? Is is Hard or Easy to anchor to shore?

The All-Tie Anchor “Sports Compact” boat anchor is a handy land anchor for variety of soils. It makes it easy to land anchor your boat to the shore.  It’s easy to drive into the ground to secure your boat and easily removed when you are ready to leave.  No more digging to bury an anchor, or driving a stake into the ground and then have to dig it out.  Land Anchoring your boat is now made easy.
Known for making strong tools that have a range of applications, The All-Tie Anchor has established itself as a trusted brand. There are many reasons to trust your boat to an All-Tie Anchor.

Small All-Tie Anchor sports compact for an easy winch anchor point for when you get your vehicle stuck in the mud or just to land anchor your boat.

Compact and Lightweight ground anchor

The All-Tie Anchor, boat anchor is both compact and lightweight. If you like to tie up along beaches, store it under one of your boat’s seats. If you only need to for launching and taking out your boat, you can leave the land anchor in the back of your truck, SUV or car. Wherever you put it, you will barely notice it is there. It takes up much less room than other types of anchors.
The All-Tie Anchor boat anchor is also light; it only weighs a few pounds. Unlike mud weights, the All-Tie Anchor drives easily into the soft ground to secure a boat. It does not rely on weight but on physics. If you are looking for a lightweight anchor that is easy to carry and move, a physics-based anchor like the All-Tie Anchor will be your best choice.

Simple Design for easy beach anchoring

With a simple design, this anchor is easy to use. All you have to do is drive the anchor in the ground, . Once it is in place, tie your boat off on it. If there’s an onshore breeze or incoming tide, you may have to throw a weight off your stern to keep your boat in deep enough water. If the water is still or there is an offshore breeze, though, the All-Tie Anchor boat anchor may be fine without any additional equipment. When it comes time to shove off, simply untie your boat and hammer up on the anchor. It will come out of the ground easily.

Solid, American Construction land anchor

All-Tie Anchor builds their equipment in the United States. Build from strong materials, this anchor is solidly made. It will last for many, many boating seasons.

Different Sizes for different application to anchor to.

There are four different sizes of the All-Tie Anchor:

  • The small boat anchor, at 10 lbs. and 32 in. high, is made for small boats and personal watercraft
  • The medium version, at 20 lbs. and 40 in. high, is suitable for most recreational boats
  • The large anchor, at 30 lbs. and 50 in. high, can handle houseboats
  • The X-Treme All-Tie Anchor, at 40 lbs. and 60 in. high, is suitable for the largest houseboats

For a convenient and easy-to-use anchor, go with the All-Tie Anchor that is suitable for your boat.

Splitz-All Log Splitter For Sale

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Chopping wood has been a pain in the back for years. Whether it’s the constant bending over to reset logs or the imminent danger of a swing and miss, log splitting can be hazardous to your health.

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

Danger of traditional wood splitting. The ax head came off. Good thing it wasn’t in mid swing.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to perfect this beauty of an invention called the Splitz-All

We wanted to take an age-old technique and literally hit the easy button for it. By taking advantage of natural assets like gravity and free motion, the Splitz-All practically does the work for you. Made from the most durable of materials, the Splitz-All features a unique swivel design that eliminates those dangerous twists and turns to back muscles common in regular axe splitting. The log splitter we have for sale will do the job right the first time and save you the pain afterwards.

Ease of use was a key design element during development of the Splitz-All. The product we sell comes in four sizes (small, medium, large and X-treme) to accommodate all different ages and sizes of wood. The cutting edge technology eliminates as much stress as possible and delivers an experience that is almost too good to be true. In fact, the Splitz-All works so well it feels like it is doing all the work for you.

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood


If you are seeking a log splitter for sale, here are the features that will make you want to buy a Splitz-All:

Slide Hammer. Utilizes the forces of gravity to hammer down on logs in a controlled and precise delivery and eliminates the chances of misses that could result in personal injury to you or others in the area. The hammer action can also help unstick the wedge if it ever manages to get stuck in a log – a feature notably unavailable in conventional axe swings, where a lot of excess effort can result from removing a wedged axe head.

Long Handles. The Splitz-All offers extraordinarily long handles to accommodate both short and long logs. By simply shifting the grip up or down on the handles, the operator can switch between logs that are higher up or lower to the ground. This is especially useful when dealing with an assortment of log sizes.

Space Saver. Eliminates the need for large swing radiuses. The Splitz-All goes straight up and down and does not require the range of motion needed for during axe cuts. A swivel effect maximizes this potential allowing the operator to quickly change positions without the added effort to lift and turn the splitter.

Portability Plus.The Splitz-All offers a hand grip on the upper end of the wedge shaft for quick readjustment or the splitter can be turned with the wedge tip facing upwards for longer transportation.