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How do you beach your boat? Is is Hard or Easy to anchor to shore?

The All-Tie Anchor “Sports Compact” boat anchor is a handy land anchor for variety of soils. It makes it easy to land anchor your boat to the shore.  It’s easy to drive into the ground to secure your boat and easily removed when you are ready to leave.  No more digging to bury an anchor, or driving a stake into the ground and then have to dig it out.  Land Anchoring your boat is now made easy.
Known for making strong tools that have a range of applications, The All-Tie Anchor has established itself as a trusted brand. There are many reasons to trust your boat to an All-Tie Anchor.

Small All-Tie Anchor sports compact for an easy winch anchor point for when you get your vehicle stuck in the mud or just to land anchor your boat.

Compact and Lightweight ground anchor

The All-Tie Anchor, boat anchor is both compact and lightweight. If you like to tie up along beaches, store it under one of your boat’s seats. If you only need to for launching and taking out your boat, you can leave the land anchor in the back of your truck, SUV or car. Wherever you put it, you will barely notice it is there. It takes up much less room than other types of anchors.
The All-Tie Anchor boat anchor is also light; it only weighs a few pounds. Unlike mud weights, the All-Tie Anchor drives easily into the soft ground to secure a boat. It does not rely on weight but on physics. If you are looking for a lightweight anchor that is easy to carry and move, a physics-based anchor like the All-Tie Anchor will be your best choice.

Simple Design for easy beach anchoring

With a simple design, this anchor is easy to use. All you have to do is drive the anchor in the ground, . Once it is in place, tie your boat off on it. If there’s an onshore breeze or incoming tide, you may have to throw a weight off your stern to keep your boat in deep enough water. If the water is still or there is an offshore breeze, though, the All-Tie Anchor boat anchor may be fine without any additional equipment. When it comes time to shove off, simply untie your boat and hammer up on the anchor. It will come out of the ground easily.

Solid, American Construction land anchor

All-Tie Anchor builds their equipment in the United States. Build from strong materials, this anchor is solidly made. It will last for many, many boating seasons.

Different Sizes for different application to anchor to.

There are four different sizes of the All-Tie Anchor:

  • The small boat anchor, at 10 lbs. and 32 in. high, is made for small boats and personal watercraft
  • The medium version, at 20 lbs. and 40 in. high, is suitable for most recreational boats
  • The large anchor, at 30 lbs. and 50 in. high, can handle houseboats
  • The X-Treme All-Tie Anchor, at 40 lbs. and 60 in. high, is suitable for the largest houseboats

For a convenient and easy-to-use anchor, go with the All-Tie Anchor that is suitable for your boat.