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Chopping wood has been a pain in the back for years. Whether it’s the constant bending over to reset logs or the imminent danger of a swing and miss, log splitting can be hazardous to your health.

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

Danger of traditional wood splitting. The ax head came off. Good thing it wasn’t in mid swing.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to perfect this beauty of an invention called the Splitz-All

We wanted to take an age-old technique and literally hit the easy button for it. By taking advantage of natural assets like gravity and free motion, the Splitz-All practically does the work for you. Made from the most durable of materials, the Splitz-All features a unique swivel design that eliminates those dangerous twists and turns to back muscles common in regular axe splitting. The log splitter we have for sale will do the job right the first time and save you the pain afterwards.

Ease of use was a key design element during development of the Splitz-All. The product we sell comes in four sizes (small, medium, large and X-treme) to accommodate all different ages and sizes of wood. The cutting edge technology eliminates as much stress as possible and delivers an experience that is almost too good to be true. In fact, the Splitz-All works so well it feels like it is doing all the work for you.

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood


If you are seeking a log splitter for sale, here are the features that will make you want to buy a Splitz-All:

Slide Hammer. Utilizes the forces of gravity to hammer down on logs in a controlled and precise delivery and eliminates the chances of misses that could result in personal injury to you or others in the area. The hammer action can also help unstick the wedge if it ever manages to get stuck in a log – a feature notably unavailable in conventional axe swings, where a lot of excess effort can result from removing a wedged axe head.

Long Handles. The Splitz-All offers extraordinarily long handles to accommodate both short and long logs. By simply shifting the grip up or down on the handles, the operator can switch between logs that are higher up or lower to the ground. This is especially useful when dealing with an assortment of log sizes.

Space Saver. Eliminates the need for large swing radiuses. The Splitz-All goes straight up and down and does not require the range of motion needed for during axe cuts. A swivel effect maximizes this potential allowing the operator to quickly change positions without the added effort to lift and turn the splitter.

Portability Plus.The Splitz-All offers a hand grip on the upper end of the wedge shaft for quick readjustment or the splitter can be turned with the wedge tip facing upwards for longer transportation.