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splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

All sizes of the Splitz-Alls

The SMALL size (Blue). Is for, I would say, approx up to 16″ in diameter logs, for Children or the Elderly to use. There is just not enough weight in the drive hammer for larger logs to split effectively. However, they will still split them, it will just take more of your own strength.

The MEDIUM size (Yellow). Approx 8-24 in diameter logs and If you are going to only purchase one size for both a male and a female to use, then this is the size to get. It will be light for the male, and will require a few more hits than the large, But the female will still be able to handle it and split wood at her own pace.

The LARGE size (Orange). Approx 8-30 in diameter logs This size I would say is the average size for the average male. Just enough weight to be effective, but not too much weight to tire one out too quickly.

The X-TREME size (Red). If you are ambitious, this is the size for you. This should handle any size log, given you are strategic when determining where to split each cut. Ultimately this size is for use on Tough logs to get through quickly. However, it can be used to split most any wood, any size, for a shorter duration, as the weight of this tool is Heavy and it uses more energy just to lift the Hammer, so with prolonged uses one can get tired quickly However, it makes a great gym experience….5 reps of 20, you can do it. lol