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Splitz-All the innovative splitting wood system

Illustrated by our 360° panoramic view

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Benefits to the Splitz-All.


• NO “launching the wedge into the neighbors yard like a missile” Comment on facebook
• You’ll hit the same place twice with No missing the log in a wild swing (potential medical emergency)
• No twisting (causing damage to back and shoulders)
• No flying logs and splinters as they split in two
• Dramatically reduced bending to prevent back injuries
• Reduces long term damage to the body that traditional ways of splitting may cause

All in one tool

• Avoid purchasing multiple axes, mauls, sledge hammer, wedges and handles, because of overreaching and shattering the handle
• Avoid carrying the armful of tools (listed above) when splitting at different locations and then realizing you forgot one when you get there
• One tool that can do the job of all of these listed above
• Only one tool to carry
• One tool to maintain and care for
• Just one tool to keep track of
• Loop on the top for easy to hang storage
• Lifetime workmanship warranty
• Made in the USA


• More effective “wood splitting system*”…Set up, Split, Gather
• No adjusting the log or moving to get the right angle to split
• No repetitive bending to adjust or pick up logs.
• Controlled force- control where the log is being split
• I guarantee you will hit the same place twice
• Smaller and Cleaner workspace.

Balanced Body Workout.

• No Twisting, and throwing your back out
• Each side of your body gets equal use
• It’s more like a gym workout, without the membership fees

Self Sufficient

• No fuel, no Electricity, no motors to maintain or repair
• It works as hard as you do

*Wood splitting System

Set up
Place log in desired location
Wrap Splitz-Assist around the log.
Set Splitz-All on to the log, lift slide hammer, hammer downward and repeat until log is split
No bending
Split as big or as small of piece as you prefer
As the log is already bundled in the Splitz-Assist, bend, pick up the handle of the Splitz-Assist and carry to log pile
NO continual bending to pick up each piece