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  • LogOX Holster

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    The Essential Partner For Your LogOX Hauler

    • LogOX Hauler sold separately

    *Ships within 2-5 DAYS

  • LogOX Hauler

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    LogOX Hauler makes tree work faster, safer, and easier with its back-saving ergonomic design and amazing versatility.

    Greatly reduce painful back strain and increase your efficiency.

    *Ships within 2-5 DAYS

  • LogOX Complete Set

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    LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool

    • LogOX Hauler, Cant Hook, and Timberjack combined into one MultiTool.
    • Less bending over and back strain when lifting, moving, and rolling logs.
    • Optimizes output from chainsaw, log splitter, and portable sawmill use.

    *Ships within 2-5 DAYS