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LogOX Hauler makes tree work faster, safer, and easier with its back-saving ergonomic design and amazing versatility.

Greatly reduce painful back strain and increase your efficiency.

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LogOX Hauler Overview:

The patented LogOX Hauler makes tree work faster, safer, and easier with its back-saving ergonomic design and amazing versatility. This revolutionary tool allows you to engage, lift, and move log rounds and branches, all without bending over.
Whether you’re carrying log rounds, loading a log splitter, or hauling brush, you’ll instantly reduce fatigue, lessen painful strain on your body, and increase your productivity with the LogOX Hauler. The Hauler has been scientifically proven in a published study by the Fairfield University School of Engineering to reduce back strain by 93% and arm strain by 76%, compared to lifting log rounds by hand.
The LogOX Hauler is a professional grade tool, proudly manufactured in the USA, with high-quality powder coated American steel and guaranteed for a lifetime of use.
Through an ongoing partnership with the non-profit organization Tree-Nation, with every Hauler sold, LogOX will plant one tree to help restore the environment in deforested areas around the world.


LOG HAULER: Lift, drag, and roll logs, without bending over. This not only reduces the strain on your body, but it also saves time and reduces fatigue throughout the day to increase your productivity.
Its ergonomic design delivers an undeniable mechanical advantage, but unlike flimsy timber tongs, you can lift or drag as large of a log round with the LogOX Hauler as you’re usually physically capable of doing by hand.
The LogOX Hauler now features a ½” longer hardwood cross handle to comfortably accommodate larger hands and/or heavy work gloves.
21” CANT HOOK: The Hauler, with its ergonomic wooden cross handle and outstanding hook design, is also a superior cant hook to use for rolling smaller diameter logs. Especially on portable sawmill and firewood processor decks.
After making the initial stove-length, ¾ depth chainsaw cuts down the length of the log, roll it over and finish the cuts. This reduces the risk of chain damage from ground strikes, dangerous kickbacks, and bar pinch.
LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE– Weighing only 6.2 lbs. the patented Hauler is the best hand tool for picking up log rounds safely. The perfect companion for your chainsaw that’s ready to go wherever you are.
Drag Large Log Rounds – Log rounds that are too large to be carried at your side, can still be engaged with the LogOX Hauler, partially lifted, and efficiently dragged to your log splitter or wagon.

BRUSH & TREE DEBRIS HAULER – Save time and trips by consolidating treetops or multiple branches together with the Hauler’s hook, before dragging them off to a central location. Unlike trying to grab numerous branches by hand, consolidating them with the Hauler’s hook, while holding onto the horizontal EZ-grip wooden handle, which makes this process quicker and much easier.

WORK SAFER – You’ll also experience less back, leg, and arm strain while walking with the log round balanced by your side, plus you’ll have an unobstructed view of any obstacles in your path ahead.
The Hauler’s powder-coated hook has been changed from black to Hi-Vis Orange, for increased visibility and added safety around machinery. The length of the Hauler helps keep your hands and face a safer distance away from anything that might be lurking in the tall grass while grabbing brush or log rounds.
PATENTED & MADE IN USA –All LogOX forestry hand tools are made from American steel, built to perform, and guaranteed for life. We proudly offer a 100% Ironclad Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.
The LogOX Hauler is the modular building platform for the 40” LogOX cant hook and timberjack attachments (sold separately), which combine to form the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool.