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What is the Splitz-Assist?

The Splitz-assist is a combination of a chain, bungee, custom hook and handle.  The chain holds the log in place while the bungee expanse to allow for separation of the wood.  With the Splitz-Assist you can take small logs that don’t hold themselves up and bundle 3 or more to support each other in an upright position.

Without the Splitz-Assist you would need to balance the tip of the Splitz-All on a possibly unstable log, just to have it tip over.  You then have to bend over reset the logs position just to start over.  Have that happen a few times and it hurts your back, slows you down and uses more energy.  Pieces may fall over and hit your leg.  Fallen pieces can become an obstacle for walking around the log.  If you cut a piece too big then you have to bend over multiple times to pick it up to re-split to the right size. When your done splitting you now have 6 or more pieces you get to bend over to pick up, putting strain on your back and possibly scrapping up your arms.

So what are the benefits of the Splitz-Assist.  Once you put the Splitz-Assist on the log it holds everything together so you don’t need to bend over again until the log is fully split.  You may split any size of piece even down to kindling without touching the log.  You have a cleaner and smaller working area with little, to nothing to stumble over.  Pieces won’t fall back and hit your legs and when the log is fully split then it’s easy to pick up the whole log and carry it to it’s final destination.  Undo the hook, pull the chain off and your logs are easily stacked.  Now isn’t that a more effective way to utilize your time and energy?