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Slide Hammer Wood Splitter

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Splitting wood has been made safe and easy with Splitz-All

The Splitz-All slide hammer wood splitter is the most useful piece of equipment you will ever own. It makes the chore of splitting wood simple, easy, and safe. The Splitz-All comes in four different weights to accommodate all users. It is designed so that people of varying heights and abilities can easily use it. It has a swivel action that allows you to attack the log from any angle.

Combine it with the Split-Assist and your work is even easier. This combination helps you split wood even more quickly and safely by stabilizing the log and allowing you to work on multiple smaller logs simultaneously or on one large log without taking the time to stop and pick up the split pieces as they fall from the larger piece of wood. This is both safer and more convenient for you. Someone was really thinking when he created the Splitz-All.

Traditional methods of splitting wood are difficult and risky

Splitting wood the old fashioned way is time-consuming and carries with it the very real risk of injury. Swinging a splitting maul involves twisting and using your whole body. A great amount of effort is expended trying to generate enough power to bring down on the wood. Only the strongest people can do it. Swinging the splitting maul over and over is what gives many people terrible back problems.

Missing the log can mean severely injuring your legs with the ax. Sometimes a newly split log falls over and injures your leg or foot. Parents are always worried that a child could get in the way while swinging the ax. Tougher wood requires a wedge and a sledgehammer. Splitting wood the old fashioned way is a strenuous, dangerous workout.

The Splitz-All is easy and safe

The Splitz-All is safe and makes light work of splitting wood. When you use it, you use only your upper body. There is no twisting or bending and the chance of hurting your back is practically zero. There is no need to swing an ax to generate enough power to split the wood when the maul hits it. All your effort goes directly to punching the wedge through the wood and splitting it. It is so safe that even children can use it! Its design prevents swinging and missing and hitting your leg.

Unlike traditional wood splitting techniques, the wedge on the Splitz-All cannot get stuck. Because of its design, it can be hammered out as easily as it can be hammered in. This amazing slide hammer log splitter can be used in a small space because the action is strictly up and down over the log. The Splitz-All makes the chore of splitting wood so easy that anyone can do it: man or woman, young or old. This tool is so useful that you might just be able to get ahead on the wood pile. Who knows, you might even get your teenagers to chop wood once in a while.

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

Having fun at a community splitting party


Safe Manual Wood Splitter

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Split wood the easy way with the Splitz-All!

The Splitz-All manual wood splitter provides the wood splitting capacity you need at a price you can not refuse. Considering the safety it brings to your family members.  The Splitz-All is the safer and more effective way to split wood, without the hidden dangers and challenges that come with traditional manual wood splitting tools.

Easier and safer than traditional manual wood splitting devices, the simplicity of the product makes it a good tool for men, women, even children. By minimizing the effort required to split wood, you can avoid fatigue-related safety issues, as well as increase your wood splitting productivity.

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

Best way to split wood EVER. Look at this split.

How do you use the Splitz-All?

Simple, all you need is to point the bottom wedge of the device onto the log you wish to cut. Then press down on the handles, and in no time you’re the mayor of wood splitting city. So simple that even a small child could handle it.  The Splitz-All makes manual wood splitting a breeze, saving you time, money and energy, along with ensuring your safety when splitting wood.

Who can use a Splitz-All?

Everyone! Even for those who cannot, or do not want to, use traditional manual wood splitting devices such as an axe or a maul, the Splitz-All is the perfect solution to your wood splitting issues. It is so physically easy to use that even a small child can handle it. This safe manual wood splitter doesn’t require any special physical strength or stamina to operate.

The Splitz-All is available in four sizes; small, medium, large and X-treme. The small Splitz-All is the perfect wood splitter for children, the elderly, or just for those splitting smaller logs. The medium size is perfect for everyday use. The large Splitz-All is for men to use daily, and the X-treme is used for heavy duty use and for extra large logs.

For the winning combination of safety, ease of use, variety of sizes, and value for your dollar, the Splitz-All line of safe manual wood splitters.  The solution to all of your wood splitting problems!

Firewood Splitters

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Many folks like to cut wood as a peaceful exercise. It can also be exhausting work. But, not with the Splizt-all! With the Splitz-All, you break through the logs and continue without feeling the need to stop.

What is the secret to cut wood with the amazing Splitz-All?

Splitz-All makes natural use of gravity to help people split firewood in a hammering motion. The Splitz-All lifts up and hammers down on logs. As the hammer lifts up, you force it down into the wood, which eventually shoves a wedge all the way through, cutting the wood. You can even safely split firewood from multiple logs higher up.

splitz all best wood splitter safe way split log firewood

Splitting wet hard Elm with as you can see, cross grains

The features of the Splitz-All include:

  • So safe that even a child can use it
  • Small, medium, large and X-treme splitters so there is one for every age, ability and job type
  • Each tool comes with a great place to grip and carry it easily
  • You can split wood easier, faster and safer without tiring
  • Tested next to a traditional ax wood cutter, it is safer and easier to do the same work.

You do not have to worry about children getting in the way or missing while you are swinging and ax/maul. With the Splitz-All, you hit the same place in the wood every time without trying. In addition, you can let your children or older family members cut wood because Splitz-All does not require the strength or safety concerns that an ax might have. You can split even easier with the Splitz-Assist, which is a chain and bungee combination that serves to keep the log together as you split. When you finish cutting the firewood, you simply pick it up and carry it to the wood pile.

Different sizes for different applications to cut wood.

You can buy the Splitz-All in four different sizes: small, medium, large and X-treme. Small was intended for the smaller logs, children or elderly; medium was intended for women to split the average everyday sized logslarge can be used by men in splitting daily and the X-treme to be used to assist with the largest applications. The large Splitz-All has split an 8′ x 24″ diameter oak log. This invention lets gravity do most of the work. When you purchase any of these products, you receive the Splitz-Assist included FREE as part of your package.

There are many downsides to traditional methods of wood splitting. When swinging an ax, there is always the risk of pulling your back muscles or causing other injuries. Not so, with the Splitz-All. Also, many people rely on power tools to cut wood. With the Splitz-All, you never have to rely on power tools again. The advantage is that you do not have to worry about power tools being charged or the battery running low. The Splitz-All has a great design, and it is a fantastic tool for everyone and for every firewood cutting job.

Good N Useful Supply Launches New Website

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And the crowd goes wild!!

The company that invented the world’s easiest wood splitter, the Splitz-All, is excited to announce its new, completely re-vamped, website! Enjoy!

We are excited to share with you our journey.