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Split wood the easy way with the Splitz-All!

The Splitz-All manual wood splitter provides the wood splitting capacity you need at a price you can not refuse. Considering the safety it brings to your family members.  The Splitz-All is the safer and more effective way to split wood, without the hidden dangers and challenges that come with traditional manual wood splitting tools.

Easier and safer than traditional manual wood splitting devices, the simplicity of the product makes it a good tool for men, women, even children. By minimizing the effort required to split wood, you can avoid fatigue-related safety issues, as well as increase your wood splitting productivity.

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Best way to split wood EVER. Look at this split.

How do you use the Splitz-All?

Simple, all you need is to point the bottom wedge of the device onto the log you wish to cut. Then press down on the handles, and in no time you’re the mayor of wood splitting city. So simple that even a small child could handle it.  The Splitz-All makes manual wood splitting a breeze, saving you time, money and energy, along with ensuring your safety when splitting wood.

Who can use a Splitz-All?

Everyone! Even for those who cannot, or do not want to, use traditional manual wood splitting devices such as an axe or a maul, the Splitz-All is the perfect solution to your wood splitting issues. It is so physically easy to use that even a small child can handle it. This safe manual wood splitter doesn’t require any special physical strength or stamina to operate.

The Splitz-All is available in four sizes; small, medium, large and X-treme. The small Splitz-All is the perfect wood splitter for children, the elderly, or just for those splitting smaller logs. The medium size is perfect for everyday use. The large Splitz-All is for men to use daily, and the X-treme is used for heavy duty use and for extra large logs.

For the winning combination of safety, ease of use, variety of sizes, and value for your dollar, the Splitz-All line of safe manual wood splitters.  The solution to all of your wood splitting problems!