I have the ALL-TIE Anchor Post X-treme “Animal” and Large “Sports Compact”.
I LOVE this tool (X-treme Animal).  I use it everywhere.  I use it as a temporary fence post.  I use it to train my horses.  I use it to stake horses out to graze.  I use it to stake out my cows.  Haven’t used the “Sports Compact” yet but I plan to this summer”

Olivia LeBaron

I like yours the best. ALL-TIE Anchor Sports Compact. 
I’ve been looking around to get myself a slide hammer anchor and I like yours the best. I’ll be using it to keep the back of the boat from swaying.
Jesse Durante

Old School Rock Crawl Event. ALL-TIE Anchor Sports Compact

The X-Treme Sports, ALL-Tie Anchor Post was used on Course 7 of this event, Here’s what people had to say about it:

We probably winched 20 vehicles off of this anchor point.  This thing did NOT even move.  There was no deflection.  It worked Awesome.  It beats “pullpal” hands down.
Event Marshall, Brian Cannon

Worked pretty good, looks like a good design and a great idea.  I saw a lot of vehicles pulling really hard on it and it didn’t budge at all.
​Mike Johansen

I’ve seen it pull over a dozen vehicles out today, enough that I’m sold on it.
Zane Christensen

Splitz-All Wood Splitter.
I use the Splitz-All almost every day.​We do not use any power tools for splitting so there have been many times when the Splitz-all was indispensable.  We do find the splitz-all very useful.  This is an 8′ long X 24″ diameter oak log spit using the splitz-all. Another 12′ section ( is also split  but not visible).  Open a crack with the splitz-all and start driving wedges.
Larry Koob

  Splitz-All Wood Splitter.

We purchased the medium Splitz-All tool at the February balloon festival in Kanab. I was very impressed with the straight-grained logs splitting demonstrations however, I was completely unprepared for the hidden value of the Splitz-All tool until I took it out of the garage this week to attempt to split some very curly grained pinyon pine stumps that had been previously toppled.The first stump was very hard and tight grained. Not to worry though, the Splitz-All tool split off sections of the stump in little more than a few minutes. Soon the stump was split into sections and I was able to cut those sections up with the chain saw. With traditional splitting tools this job would have taken me around 4 hours, if I could have succeeded at all.

I am 70 years old so beating on steel wedges with a sledge hammer for several hours is not an attractive prospect. Thankfully I have my new Splitz-All tool that has changed my splitting experience forever.

Thank you.

Richard McDonald
Mount Carmel, Utah