A look at the Splitz-All operation will reveal its advantages over the competition

The traditional method for splitting logs has been long been a choice between an ax or a powered hydraulic splitting machine. One approach requires considerable bending and stretching with good aim while the other requires a pretty fat wallet. Now there’s an alternative that  overcomes both of these shortcomings. The Splitz-All manual wood splitter provides an affordable, fast, and safe way to stack the woodpile sky high.

Controlled Force

At first glance, the Splitz-All wood splitter bears little resemblance to any other sort of log splitting device you’ve seen before. All sizes of this tool (small, medium, and large) are all light enough to easily set in position. To use it, simply place the tip atop a log and forcefully slide the driver up and down. The downward motion of the driver forces the tip into the log and breaks it apart. Compare this operation to using an ax or maul. With one of these tools, you have to put your back into it, and that doesn’t do your back much good. There’s also the matter of hitting the exact same spot repeatedly so your efforts won’t go to waste. If the ax gets stuck half way into the log, you’ll have to raise the heavy log off the ground to get the momentum to finish the split. This creates all sorts of safety hazards. With the Splitz-All, the wedge tip can be held steady with the log staying in place while only the driver moves. When the driver is shoved down, body weight provides a big part of the force that gets the work done. The vertical handles are long enough to allow users of any height to get a comfortable grip on them without putting themselves in an awkward position.

Fuel Efficient

As a manual log splitter, the Splitz-All stacks up nicely compared to expensive power tools. The device is streamlined for storage and costs a lot less than the typical hydraulic wood splitter. The idea behind chopping firewood is to create fuel. But powered log splitters burn fuel and generate plenty of noise in the process. There’s also the matter of maintenance. With the Splitz-All wood splitter, there’s nothing to set up and it can be used quickly. It’s easy to forget that hydraulic splitters, for obvious safety reasons, are actually pretty slow. They also still require some manual labor with logs into position. Of course, the size of the hydraulic splitter’s trough places a limit on the size of the log. As a hand-held tool, the Splitz-All is under no such restrictions while rapidly tackling the biggest logs.