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Whether you are traveling or camping with your dog, nothing is as frustrating as providing a safe and reliable pet containment system. You want to be able to give your dog adequate exercise as well as permit him to stretch his legs, but your choices have always been limiting. Wire kennels and exercise pens are heavy and a nuisance to move from site to site. Typical stakes with tie-outs barely screw into the ground and are often pulled out by an eager dog. Leashes are inconvenient and too short to offer any form of exercise for your pet.

The ALL-TIE Anchor Post for Animals is the best product on the market!

It is versatile, reliable and was created with the pet as well as the pet owner in mind.

Easy to Use

The ALL-TIE Anchor Post for Animals is a portable land anchoring device that is available in four sizes and can handle small to large animals. Simply hammer the post into the ground, attach a cable that is secured to your pet and you are ready to go. From your friendly pet Beagle to German Shepherd, this product enables owners to exercise their animals while ensuring their safety and well-being. The key to this rugged metal product lies in its ability to use the hitch assembly as a hammer to pound the anchor’s spiked point into any terrain. Unlike the typical stakes used with tie-outs, the ALL-TIE Anchor Post pierces deep into the earth and makes it virtually impossible for your pet to pull it out. When you are ready to go, simply reverse the action of the hitch assembly by pounding on the top look cap and the ALL-TIE Anchor will be wrenched from the earth.


One of the key convenient points about the ALL-TIE Anchor Post for Animals by Good N Useful Supply is the ability to hook a bucket of food or water to the tie out. With normal tie outs, you are constantly cleaning up spills as the dog knocks over their food or water bowl with their cable over and over again. With this product, the bucket is secured to the ALL-TIE Anchor and cannot be knocked down by the cable.  Another unique feature of this product is the ability to circle the cable repeatedly around the opposite loop of the ALL-TIE Anchor until you have adjusted the tie out to your preference. Is your dog wandering out of your campsite to visit the neighbors? Simply shorten the cable!  The All-Tie Anchor Post also swivels freely ensuring your animal stays safe from the tie out cable. Due to the ground position of the anchor post, it is virtually impossible for your pet to entangle and hurt themselves, unlike the tie-outs that are secured above head on a line.

The ALL-TIE Anchor Post for Animals by Good N Useful Supply is an amazing product for the pet lover. This anchor system can be used for all breeds of dogs as well as other animals requiring tie-outs (even your pet goat!) If you are looking for a reliable, safe containment device for your pet—try the ALL-TIE Anchor Post for Animals today. Let your pet enjoy the freedom of the outdoors while being safely secured to the ALL-TIE Anchor Post for Animals.