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The large and x-treme ALL-TIE anchor posts from Good N Useful are your best choice for trucks. They are made in the United States with quality and durability.

These lightweight durable anchors have many uses:

  • winching trucks, cars, four-wheelers, etc. out of sand or mud
  • anchoring your houseboat to the bank in your favorite cove
  • anchoring your tent
  • dragging cut logs out of the woods
  • tethering animals or livestock
  • campers sometimes use these anchors to help suspend food up into the trees out of the reach of forest creatures and for anchoring their tents securely in place.

These truck anchors are surprisingly small and lightweight for the job they do!

They are easily stored under your truck seat, for handy use at any time. This is especially useful for four wheelers that find themselves in need of some kind of assistance to get them out of sand or mud. The ALL-TIE anchors, unlike mud weights, dig into the soft ground or sand to provide you with a secure anchor to tie off to. The X-treme ALL-TIE anchor comes to the rescue because it is easily driven into the sand or hard ground and they stay in place even after a mighty tugging.