ALL-TIE Animal Anchor is the All-in-One Necessity

The portable ALL-TIE Animal Anchor is easily the most useful, sturdy and handy animal tie-out available

It goes where you go and is always ready to use. The ALL-TIE needs no tools, is durable and offers an unbeatable, rugged all-metal design and affordable price. The ALL-TIE Animal Anchor comes in four sizes to suit any animal or situation: from small (for small animals and light use) to the X-treme (large animals and heavy use). Its applications are endless. The ALL-TIE Animal Anchor can go from backyard to campground, from farm to field. Efficient, light and self-contained, this animal anchor offers a safe, convenient, humane and versatile alternative to other animal confinement systems.

Installation is easy

The ALL-TIE’sease of installation means you can take your animal just about anywhere without putting them in danger. You can set them up or move them quickly, and it is the only tool you need! To install the ALL-TIE, place the anchor’s spiked point, keep the pole vertical, grasp the inward-curving grip posts, and use the hitch assembly as a sliding hammer to pound the spike securely into the ground. When you wish to move or remove the animal anchor, use the hitch assembly again, now in reverse, to hammer upward against the top loop cap to release the anchor from the ground. The spike’s 4-point design provides stability and excellent bite when you install the ALL-TIE. The anchor’s slight taper, combined with the sliding hammer hitch on the long pole, lets you remove it safely and with equal ease.

A convenient and safe solution

The ALL-TIE Animal Anchor’s ingenious slide-hammer hitch design is convenient for you and your animal companions. The solid tie hitch offers a unique, easy-to-use loop-and-post combination that allows you to thread any leash or lead quickly through closed loops and secure it by slipping the end over the top of the corresponding grip post. These posts curve inward to prevent leads from creeping or hands from slipping. The ALL-TIE makes adjusting animal access easy. Simply secure the lead by its end as usual, then loop any slack over the opposing loop and post to restrict their range as needed. The ALL-TIE’s cleverly engineered hitch assembly will still swivel the full 360° and keep your animal within limits. As the hitch assembly swivels freely, the movement prevents animals from becoming tangled or wrapped in a lead. The swiveling hitch assembly’s single-piece construction seated low on the pole ensures your animal is safe and secure. Your animal is not going to break free, and it will have no reason to want to. This animal anchor allows you to attach food, treat or water supplies for your animal without the danger or waste of spills. The loop cap at the top offers a place for identification tags or additional accessories and also allows you to hang or secure the animal anchor when it is not in use.

Best of all, in choosing the All-TIE Animal Anchor, you are purchasing a quality product made in the USA. All in one, the ALL-TIE Animal Anchor will serve all your needs You will never need another animal anchor – unless it’s another ALL-TIE!